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A Day in Amish Country

Wednesday, May 17, 2017


- Guided Tour of IL Amish Countryside
- Meal in an Amish Home
- Shopping & Gift Bags
- Mid-American Coaches, Washington, MO - Depart: 7:00 AM / Return 8:00 PM
- Wal-Mart, Kirkwood, MO  -  Depart 8:00 AM / Return 7:00 PM

     Join us for a delightful day trip as we enjoy a guided tour of Central Illinois Amish Country!  Our guide will meet us at the Arthur Visitor’s Center and we will be ready to head out into the Amish Countryside for our lunch in a Amish Home.  Always a delight to sit in the Amish home at long tables and have our food served family style!  Our meal will consist of a salad, homemade bread, jams or jellies, mashed potatoes and gravy, a vegetable, chicken and one other kind of meat, as well as a drink.  After feasting on that, the lady of the house will serve it all again, don’t be shy, take another helping!  Then we will get to pass the pie, a fruit and a cream pie!  You might wish to take half a piece of each, so you don’t miss out on either one!  Next, we will enjoy our guided tour of Amish Country!  As we drive, watch for buggies on the road, clothes on the line, and keep an eye open for the huge gardens that the Amish are known for!  And you may even see an Amish farmer out in his field.  Our guide will explain the Amish lifestyle and culture as we drive.  You will stop at some of the Amish shops and businesses along the way and take time to get out and shop around.  You will also be given a gift bag for your guided tour, be sure you have it handy, because you never know when someone might want to drop a special little gift item into your bag!  There is always a surprise around every corner. After we drop off our guide we will depart for home.

Tour Cost:
$88.00 Per Person

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