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Christmas Fancy

Tuesday, December 5, 2017


- Tour Campbell House Museum
- Lunch & Tour Sappington House Museum
- Tour Magic Chef Mansion
- Deluxe Motorcoach Transportation

- Mid-American Coaches, Washington:
   Depart 10:00 AM / Return 6:0 PM

- Wal-Mart, Kirkwood:
   Depart 11:00 AM / Return 5:00 PM

  We begin the day with a tour of the Campbell House Museum.  Built in 1851, the first house in the ele­gant Lucas Place neigh­bor­hood, the Camp­bell House was the home of renowned fur trader and entre­pre­neur Robert Camp­bell and his fam­ily from 1854 until 1938. The museum con­tains hun­dreds of orig­i­nal Camp­bell pos­ses­sions includ­ing fur­ni­ture, paint­-ings, cloth­ing, let­ters, car­riages and a unique set of inte­rior pho­tographs taken in the mid-1880s.  Next, we will enjoy an included Lunch followed by a Tour at the Sappington House Museum.   A stunning—and rarely-found— example of Federal architecture in Missouri, the historic structure and gardens appear as they did nearly 200 years ago. It is thought to be the oldest brick home in St. Louis County. Meticulously restored and renovated, the site allows visitors to look back in time to see how the Sappington family lived in the early 1800’s.  Lastly, we will tour the Magic Chef Mansion.  Constructed in 1908 for the founder of the Quick Meal & Magic Chef Stove Company, Charles Stockstrom, the Magic Chef Mansion is one of St. Louis' premiere old-world estates. This beautiful manor is an oasis of sophisticated elegance with its buff-brick exterior, 30-plus-rooms, 12,000-square-foot home, built for a princely sum of $49,500 (the equivalent of about $1.3 million today). Among “wow” features were a central vacuum system, eight gas-powered fireplaces and in the basement, a 70-foot-long bowling alley.

Tour Cost:
$90.00 Per Person

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